Database schema update

This post is a draft for a plan of action to migrate the database from SQLite to Postgres.

New Schema

Here is the present schema design:


Here is the new schema design (with relevant tables):


(Sorry about the strange cut off words in the image – all artifacts of exporting graph from And if you would like the format for these schemas, I can send them to you.)

Some notes about the new schema:

  • The SQLite “stats_build” and “results” table have been combined to a single “results” table.
  • The intent is that the Postgres “package” and “package_test” tables can be used for projects other than Debian. We’ll have to do some thought experiments to make sure this is the case.
  • Not all projects use the word “package” to describe a “bunch of source code corresponding to some distributable binary executable.” When the “package” is significantly different than the Debian concept of a package, the “type” column can be used. For example, for ISOs?

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