Week 5 at DebCamp

I thought I would get a lot done for my outreachy project at Debian — but the incredible people of Debian too much of a distraction 🙂 Every time I asked for help I’d up discussing bash, python, git or debian well beyond my original question.

Things I managed to do include:

  • Finish converting the script which makes the package set pages
  • Fix highlighting in the left hand navigation for pages build by python scripts (not yet deployed – coming soon! :))
  • Investigate and use a bash mustache rendering script which eventually Mattia veto’d in favor of using the python rendering script.

Now the debconf has properly started, I’m not sure how much more work I’ll get done.  At the very least I plan to replace the bash html with the mustache scripts I’ve created, garner opinions about navigation-related improvements to test.reproducible-builds.org and talk to people about the existing database design.

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