Week 3..orrr 4* on Reproducible Builds

Today I am in Cape Town for DebCamp+Conf!

Yesterday I traveled here from Boston.

The previous four days (Mon-Thurs) I converted (almost entirely) the bash script that create the package set pages of test.reproducible-builds.org to python. This involved writing more mustache templates, discovering old templates (read: strings of html) in multiple places and moving the package set definition to keep it DRY.

These changes are not yet deployed – here are things I’d like to fiish first:

1. Create a mustache template for the main left side navigation (the comment at the beginning of the bash function that presently builds this html: “this is really quite uncomprehensible and should be killed”). This navigation is used many places, including the front page. This is the only part of the package page html left to convert.

2. Use the mustache templates in the bash scripts where appropriate (there is a bash interpreter of mustache templates!). This will DRY up the code some more πŸ™‚

3. Add some navigation improvements to the package set pages. For example, from the package set page that shows you a summary of packages statuses on testing+amd64, you cannot navigate to the summary of the same package set on unstable+amd64.

4. Improve the main left hand navigation in point (2) above. Similar to the package page improvements, I’ll add hover text and headers and move things around.

*changing the number of the weeks to match other outreachy participants

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