Week 2 on Reproducible Builds

Here is a small update for last week’s work:

1. Templates

tests.reproducible-builds.org now has a templating system, instead of writing HTML in python files πŸ™‚ We are using mustache with pystache. So far, only the html for the package pages have been converted.

2. Navigation improvements on package pages

While converting the package pages to using mustache I also rearranged the navigation bar, adding sections and hover text. Navigation improvements inspired by Gerts Wollney’s email requests.Β  Please check out the changes and provide feedback: tests.reproducible-builds.org/<your-favorite-package>

3. Began converting script from bash to python

Before converting the rest of the site to mustache, I spent a day digging into the last unconverted bash script (all other html producing scripts are python). I’ve never written or read that much bash, yet another learning opportunity – I have to admit it’s a bit less intuitive than python πŸ˜‰

Up next:

Finish converting package set script, create more mustache templates, more site improvements! Then fly to South Africa.

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