Work after DebConf

First week after DebCamp and DebConf! Both were incredible — the debian project and it’s contributors never fail to impress and delight me. None the less it felt great to have a few quiet, peaceful days of uninterrupted programming.

Notes about last week:

1. Finished Mattia’s final suggestions for the conversion of the package set pages script to python.

Hopefully it will be deployed soon, awaiting final approval 🙂

2. Replace the bash code that produced the left navigation on the home page (and most other pages) with the mustache template the python scripts use.

Previously, html was constructed and spat out from both a python and shell script — now we have a single, DRY mustache template. (At the top of the bash function that produced the navigation html, you will find the comment: “this is really quite incomprehensible and should be killed, the solution is to write all html pages with python…”. Turns out the intermediate solution is to use templates 😉 )

3. Thought hard about navigation of the test website, and redesigned (by rearranging) links in the left hand navigation.

After code review, you will see these changes as well! Things to look forward to include:
– A link to the Debian dashboard on the top left of every page (except the package specific pages).
– The title of each page (except the package pages) stretches across the whole page (instead of being squashed into the top left).
– Hover text has been added to most links in the left navigation.
– Links in left navigation have been reordered, and headers added.

Once you see the changes, please let me know if you think anything is unintuitive or confusion, everything can be easily changed!

4. Cross suite and architecture navigation enabled for most pages.

For most pages, you will be one click away from seeing the same statistics for a different suite or architecture! Whoo!

Notes about next week:

Last week I got carried away imagining minor improvements that can be made to the test websites UI, and I now have a backlog of ideas I’d like to implement. I’ve begun editing the script that makes most of the pages with statistics or package list (for example, all packages with notes, or all recently tested packages) to use templates and contain a bit more descriptive text. I’d also like to do a some revamping of the package set pages I converted.

These addition UI changes will be my first tasks for the coming week — since they are fresh on my mind and I’m quite excited about them. The following week I’d like to get back to extensibility and database issues mentioned previously!

Week 5 at DebCamp

I thought I would get a lot done for my outreachy project at Debian — but the incredible people of Debian too much of a distraction 🙂 Every time I asked for help I’d up discussing bash, python, git or debian well beyond my original question.

Things I managed to do include:

  • Finish converting the script which makes the package set pages
  • Fix highlighting in the left hand navigation for pages build by python scripts (not yet deployed – coming soon! :))
  • Investigate and use a bash mustache rendering script which eventually Mattia veto’d in favor of using the python rendering script.

Now the debconf has properly started, I’m not sure how much more work I’ll get done.  At the very least I plan to replace the bash html with the mustache scripts I’ve created, garner opinions about navigation-related improvements to and talk to people about the existing database design.